Texas Business Immigration Coalition (TBIC)

Texas Business Immigration Coalition (TBIC)


Business leaders have a huge role to play in shaping the future of Texas.

Our elected officials look to business leaders to understand what is needed to create the strongest Texas possible.

Dreamers work and contribute to the Texas economy, but their future is uncertain.

Immigrants play an important role in contributing to Texas as both taxpayers and consumers, and Texas Dreamers contribute billions of dollars to our economy. A legislative solution for Dreamers would sustain tens of thousands of jobs and prevent a disruption to our economy.

Educational opportunity is essential for our economic competitiveness.

Education makes our workforce globally competitive. Protecting equal educational opportunity will allow Texans to enter the workplace equipped with the modern skills they need to succeed.

Immigration enforcement ought to be administered federally.

Local law enforcement officers have the most important job of keeping our communities safe. Neither the federal government nor the state government should burden local law enforcement with unfunded mandates and the role of enforcing federal immigration laws outside of their purview.


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