Drive Texas Adelante


The goal of the Drive Texas Adelante campaign is to advance a conditional driver’s permit for undocumented Texans and other communities who have difficulties accessing a driver’s license due to the existing restrictive and cumbersome eligibility requirements.

Since 1999, Texas has required proof of lawful residence to obtain a driver’s license. This has made it difficult for poor people, undocumented people, people experiencing homelessness, people who have survived a natural disaster, and survivors of domestic violence to obtain one. People without a license will drive anyway to make ends meet. There is a better solution – a conditional driver’s permit.

A driver’s permit can help keep everyone safe. Now more than ever, we need to make sure everyone can stay safe on the roads while they care for neighbors and their families during the pandemic. Crowded trucks, vans, and buses are not recommended means of transportation.

  • Without a driver’s license, it’s very difficult to keep ourselves and our families safe. It makes it difficult to report to work.  
  • Driver’s licenses help us make sure that our roads are as safe as possible.  
  • Driver’s licenses are especially important during the pandemic. Driving in cars can help our communities stay socially distant while they get where they need to go. 
  • Currently, the rigid restrictions in place prevent Texans in the most vulnerable situations, including survivors of domestic violence, people experiencing homelessness, returning citizens, and others, from being able to legally drive.

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